How to Practice Yoga-Nidra at Home-Sadhak Anshit

Step-by-Step Instructions

It is difficult to perform a proper Yoga Nidra session by yourself unless you are an advanced practitioner. However, we have a simplified version of Yoga Nidra that you can perform at home. Follow the steps outlined here to practice Yoga Nidra.

Step 1: Start the Recording, Lie Down in Shavasana, and Take Deep Breaths

Keep the recording ready with you. Play it, set an optimum volume, neither too loud nor too low, and keep your phone on the side, away from your body.

Step 2: Set an Intention & Become Aware of It

It’s time to set an intention, also known as Sankalp, that you want to achieve or experience. For example, you would like to experience complete well-being and happy life. Or you may want to achieve a career goal in the future. The intention showcases your willingness to accomplish some short or long term goal.

Step 3: Scan your Body

Now you have to feel the existence & become aware of every body part of your body. You will start the process by taking your attention to a particular body part.

Step 4: Watch your Breath

Once you become completely aware of your body, you shift your focus to your breath. Breathing is the Prana (life force) that connects your mind and body, keeps you alive and aware of the surroundings.

Step 5: Watch your Thoughts, Feelings

You will deal with your thoughts and feelings in the same way you will deal with your breath. The thoughts will come to you. But it’s up to you, whether you will hold on to them or will let them pass. Just don’t engage with the thoughts. Let them appear and disappear, but don’t attach yourself with the thoughts.

Step 6: Experience Infiniteness within You

After passing through various stages, you will attain a level wherein your consciousness will unite with the infinite consciousness of the universe. You will witness an overflow of positive energy within you. The sensations of happiness, well-being, and calmness will flow throughout your heart, body, and soul.

Step 7: Repeat your Intention

Its time recall the intention or Sankalpa you made in the second step. When you repeat the Sankalpa at this moment, you train the subconscious mind to work for the fulfillment of the goal/intention/desire.

Step 8: Wake up from Yoga Nidra

As the session comes to an end, you reflect back on the journey, right from the beginning. You discover the consciousness within you, you become aware of your presence, you disengage with your thoughts, you immerse self in joy, and you get ready to fulfill your vision/goal.

Sadhak Anshit is a Indian Yogi, Author, Meditation Master and a Poet.